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I am very proud to announce that my painting was selected for the 123rd Pastel Society Annual Exhibition with the theme of ‘Fresh Eyes’. It will be exhibited alongside the best works in the dry medium as well as the work of the Pastel Society's established Members.  The exhibition is open to the public from 17th to 26th February 2022 at the Mall Galleries London, UK.

"Firstborn" at The Pastel Society Annual Exhibition

Original painting


Size: 70x83 cm | 27.5 x 32.6 in

Pastels on sand paper



This painting represents the death of the old self, the rebirth of a new self, and the birth of a new life. It is seeing one’s own reflection somewhere between the light and shadow of a daughter’s face looking back at you and for a second feeling the overwhelming depth and complexity of the universe. This opens up a sudden new understanding of the self within the broader passage of life and the magical complexity of natural phenomena. The painting incorporates elements associated with death, loss, growth and rebirth.



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