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A book with a full page illustration of a tree with 2 figures in the bottom looking up at the crown.

Rotherweird trilogy

by Andrew Caldecott

In 2016, I was honoured to be commissioned to do a series of illustrations for what was then the first volume of the Rotherweird trilogy. That was stepping into the new waters for me and the beginning of the exciting journey through the birth and development of each book in the trilogy. I thoroughly enjoyed working with the author and discovering all the perks of the job. It is such a magical thing to read the first draft and then to see it changing and growing into perfection. Of course sometimes you might lose the bit that you wanted to illustrate, but that is a part of it as well! Sometimes I would have sat in my chair with pages of Rotherweird and a cup of tea and think isn’t it the best job ever to dive into another artist’s world and fantasise about what it would look like. At other times I would be in the pure pain of creation, going through different ideas and trying to get things right! And so it went for another two volumes.

The three volumes

An illustration of Rotherweird town from the arial view.


An illustration of a skeleton dressed in medieval gown.


An illustration of a tortured man.

Lost Acre

The Last Waltz

Illustrating The Last Waltz concert film.

I was commissioned to draw a series of miniature portraits of the musicians who played in The Band's farewell concert in 1976 captured in the legendary documentary film The last Waltz.

This included 19 portraits of about 7 cm each intricately drawn in pastel pencils.

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