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Resting Force

50x70 cm

Soft pastels on sand paper


Fussy eater

45x56 cm

Soft pastels on paper


Spring '22 small.jpg

Violent Spring (After Guernica)

58.5x41.5 cm

Soft pastels on coloured paper



Firstborn_FIN croped_edited_edited.jpg


50x70 cm

Soft pastels on sand paper

This painting represents the death of the old self, the rebirth of a new self, and the birth of a new life. It is seeing one’s own reflection somewhere between the light and shadow of a daughter’s face looking back at you and for a second feeling the overwhelming depth and complexity of the universe. This opens up a sudden new understanding of the self within the broader passage of life and the magical complexity of natural phenomena. The painting incorporates elements associated with death, loss, growth and rebirth.

egg shells no frame.jpg

Egg Shells

84x59 cm

Soft pastels, conte, ink, acrylic, 24kt gold leaf on paper

Grand mother carries her grand daughter. Broken egg shells, female link, passage of time, rebirth. Three goddesses and three fragile women. The subject of life and life creation.


Sunday Morning

83x29 cm

Charcoal, pastels acrylic and ink on paper


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